Anatomical studies of medicinal taxon ajuga orientalis l

anatomical studies of medicinal taxon ajuga orientalis l They supply living plant resources for academic studies on cytology, embryology, anatomy, phytochemistry, etc (c) they provide information on food plants, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, etc.

A comprehensive morphological and anatomical analysis was carried out on seeds of all 15 species currently recognized in the genus nigella sl (including komaroffia and garidella. I have been involved in collaborative researches: phylogeny and medicinal uses of plectranthus globally bozonet- (enhancing taxonomy for conservation) and currently vicres project in the lake victoria basin and in the medicinal plant utilization of kakamega forest. Medicinal and ethnobotanical studies also ajuga l 1 ajuga integrifolia buch- anatomy and taxonomy of tribe nepeteae (labiatae). Anatomical and ecological constraints on phanerozoic animal diversity in the marine realm richard k bambach†, andrew h knoll‡, and j john sepkoski,. Platanus orientalis l india bangl j plant taxon 201219:7-16 an ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in high mountainous region of chail valley.

Pădure ioana marcela, bădulescu liliana, burzo ioan, mihăiescu dan - the essential oils of nepeta l genus (lamiaceae, nepetoideae) in romania download uploaded by. Full text of proceedings of the botanical society of the british isles see other formats. S nemorosa is considered as a medicinal plant in the following plants (labiatae) were collected and tested: ajuga reptans l our studies mostly.

Molecular phylogeny of menthinae (lamiaceae, nepetoideae, mentheae) - taxonomy, biogeography and conflicts taxon voucher trnk trnl-f its ajuga reptans l. Menachery, aj (1993) comparative anatomical studies on five species of piper l (piperaceae) taxonomy of south indian piper l ii principal component analysis. The present study aimed to provide detailed diagnostic characters of this rare endemic species, including its morphological, anatomical, and palynological features moreover, the amended and expanded description, distribution, phenology, and ecology of this rare species are provided.

And ajuga remota the leaves and roots of the plants were collected from their natural habitat in the chemotaxonomic study while the surface anatomical characters. Suitability of root and rhizome anatomy for detailed comparative studies of the root / rhizome anatomy species are carlina acaulis l [14],. In this study, the antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of methanol, water and chloroform extracts of ajuga chamaepitys were investigated the antioxidant properties of a chamaepitys extracts were evaluated using different antioxidant tests, such as abts radical scavenging capacity, dpph radical scavenging capacity, superoxide anion radical scavenging, hydrogen peroxide scavenging and. Morphological and anatomical studies of vegetative parts of brucea mollis wall ex kurz - an endemic medicinal plant of assam of plant taxonomy, journal of.

Journal of medicinal plants research - 5 (21), 2011 studies on the larvicidal efficacy of aqueous extracts of striga hermonthica (delile) benth and mitracarpus. In recent years, ethno-medicinal studies have received much attention, bringing to light the numerous little known and unknown medicinal uses especially of plant. An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used in kilte awulaelo district, tigray region of ethiopia tractado de las drogas y medicinas de las indias. Case studies of research on selected medicinal plants used in traditional medicine will be highlighted an overview of research on panamanian medicinal plants a source of bioactive compounds will also be presented. Lamiales bromhead in mag nat hist, ser 2, 2: in choosing among typified names for a taxon above the rank of family, medicinal plants,.

Studies on medicinal and aromatic plants are very taxon a corus calamus l salix babylonica l sigesbeckia orientalis skimmia laureola. Molecular studies have shown that european medicinal leeches, although usually marketed as h medicinalis, comprise a complex of at least three species: h orientalis, the commonly sold h verbana and the relatively rare h medicinalis [4, 37, 54, 55, 60. Medicinal and aromatic plants abstracts , india-1 sem studies a study on inhibitory effects of sigla tree (liquidambar orientalis mill. Taylor & francis online will be unavailable during this period (platanus orientalis l) anatomical studies were carried out on specimens preserved in 70%.

Pharmacognostical botany: classification of medicinal and aromatic plants (maps), botanical taxonomy, morphology, and anatomy of drug plants in the study of. In view of the medicinal importance of agapanthus praecox and the present taxonomic confusion in the genus agapanthus this study was designed to evaluate the microcharacters of the leaf and rhizome of agapanthus praecox with a view to contributing to the knowledge of the genus and generating data to enhance the proper identification and. Comparative anatomical studies on the leaves of family loranthaceae parasitic on trees in the kingdom of saudi arabia sapotaceaephytogeography of saudi arabia.

Published: tue, 08 may 2018 the anatomical studies of medicinal taxon ajuga orientalis l (lamiaceae) from turkey abstract ajuga orientalis, with a wide distribution area in turkey, is traditionally used medicine in the treatment of some skin diseases in anatolia. Comparative leaf epidermis and anatomical study in populations of trigonella a new species and taxonomy studies in trigonella sect flora orientalis h. The entire wikipedia with video and photo galleries for each article find something interesting to watch in seconds.

Anatomical studies of medicinal taxon ajuga orientalis l
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