Ethnobotany of karak

Ahmad abad, district karak, kpk, pakistan saad ullah khan 1, century ethnobotany had started to develop as a separate branch of botany which is providing a. Ethnobotany research & applications 7:147-162 (2009) muhammad qasim hayat and mir ajab khan, department of plant sciences, quaid-i-azam university, islamabad, paki. Ethnobotany is a very broad discipline and covers all types of human-plant interactions it is the study of how the people of a particular culture and region make use of plants however, there are also other definitions, such as the use of plants in early societies according to heinrich and bremner. Al-karak later became a market centre for the sparsely settled surrounding countryside the town has the remains of several byzantine churches, and the castle located at al-karak is an excellent example of medieval military architecture.

This paper elucidates the empirical findings of an ethnobotanical survey of banda daud shah, district karak, pakistan the field of ethnobotany has shown tendency. People-plants interaction and its uses: a science of four words ethnobotany uses of medicinal plants of district karak, pakistan j ethnopharmacol. The present study was carried out to extract ethnobotanical data through interview, using semi-structured questionnaire and personal observation in tehsil takht-e-nasratti, district karak, khyber pakhtun khawa, pakistan.

Haunted karak highway most of malaysian people already know and familiar with the story about the karak highway t he road is reported as a haunted road and many. Tehsil banda daud shah and ethnobotany of tehsil karak, nwfp, pakistan respectively khan et al, (2011) arranged the floristic list of tehsil takht-e- nasrati. Arora rk, ethnobotany and its role in the conservation and use of plant genetic resources in india, ethnobotany,9,6-15 (1997) ibrar m, responsibilities of ethnobotanists in the field of medicinal plants, in proceeding of workshop on curriculum development in applied ethnobotany. Ethno pharmacological relevance: the present study was carried out with an aim to gather, evaluate and analyze the ethno botanical information of medicinal uses of the plant species possessed by the native khattak tribe of the chonthra, district karak pakistan the region with poor documentation of.

Ethnobotany of analgesic/stimulant plants used by the inhabitants of ajloun, northern jordan 1 mutah university, department of biology, karak. Preliminary floristic range of tehsil takht-e-nasrati pakistan effort on the flora of tehsil banda daud shah karak, khan (2007) has work on ethnobotany of tehsil karak and khan et al, (2011. Al-karak is still a largely christian town, and many of today's christian families trace their origins back to the byzantines there is a small but interesting museum.

See karak photos and images from satellite below, explore the aerial photographs of karak in pakistan karak hotels map is available on the target page linked above small. Al-karak (arabic: الكرك ‎), also known as just karak or kerak, is a city in jordan known for its crusader castle, the kerak castle the castle is one of the three largest castles in the region, the other two being in syria. 70 reviews of crepes & karak cafe wow such a rarity to find karak so similar and smooth like the ones found in the middle east and south east asia the presentation, cleanliness, and overall taste is fantastic.

The botanical review 73(1) karak, and sharah mountain many botanical resources are available for comparing the ethnobotany in southern jordan with that of. 21 1 enero - junio 2014 119 saleh al-quran deptof biology, mutah university, karak, jordan [email protected] used ethnobotany of medicinal plants by.

View this abstract online an ethno botanical perspective of traditional medicinal plants from the khattak tribe of chonthra karak, pakistan j ethnopharmacol. An ethnobotanical survey of medicinal and other useful plants of khattak tribe in tehsil karak, khyber pakhtunkhawa, pakistan suggested that ethnobotany is the. Karak is the highly educated district of khyber pakhtunkhwa province in pakistan pc trivedi (ed), ethnobotany, avishkar publisher sciencedirect ® is a. Cf36t kf307653 46 15 mosel nes20 niabella yanshanensis ccbau 05354t kf307654 16 from bio 100a at national university of sciences & technology, islamabad.

Ethnobotany of karak
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